2011 Street Art

Inspired by international street artists such as JR, the 3+Days Artists Collective colluded to do it locally-Deniliquin style.

With no local dedicated gallery space to speak of, and not within cooee of anything like a Regional Gallery; the local artists who have long been involved in contemporary fine art photography of one sort or another, were keen to use the ‘Day in the Life’ project as a vehicle to realise some long held aspirations to bring art out onto the streets.

After wading through several thousand photographs and days spent skulking the laneways of the Deniliquin CBD, a series of Street Art Prints have emerged in various public places in early June this year.
From the highly public facades of local landmarks such the concave curved wall of the Deniliquin Library, and heritage Sunday School halls to a massive cement water tower, a selection of the images from 2011 collection have been utilised to create giant photography interventions around town.

People in country towns are swivel necks at the best of times, but the recent giant photographs, some up to 5m high have nearly caused several road user ‘incidents’ with people slowing down to take in the view.

Certainly a first for the town, and probably the region; the street art has been very well received within the local community where for most; visiting an art gallery would be next in line after going to the dentist.

Many thanks go to the volunteers and the trusty boys from DeniWorks who made the street art prints come to life.

Deni Works piecing together the panels of an image by Lisa Brant on the Deniliquin Club wall in George Street
Series of images on Central Murray Regional Library