Stories & Projects

2011 Street Art Project

Inspired by international street artists such as JR, the 3+Days Artists Collective colluded to do it locally-Deniliquin style.

With no local dedicated gallery space to speak of, and not within cooee of anything like a Regional Gallery; the local artists who have long been involved in contemporary fine art photography of one sort or another, were keen to use the ‘Day in the Life’ project as a vehicle to realise some long held aspirations to bring art out onto the streets.

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Stories collated in 2011 that reflect over the first three decades of  A day in the life of Deniliquin’s photographic project.
Hazel Ladson recounts the first day in 1990 in a letter to her mother. Judy Bond talks about being involved in all of the first three decades. And read why the second instalment was held in 2001 and not 2000.
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